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Hanson Hydrated Lime 25kg

Hanson Hydrated Lime 25kg
Brand: Hanson
Product Code: HANHYLIME25
Barcode: 5020234002538
Price: £18.00
In Stock

Hanson Hydrated Lime 25kg

  • Size: 25kg.
  • The primary advantage from using hydrated lime in mortars is its ability to improve the work-ability and water retention.
  • Castle Hydrated Lime may be used to create traditional cement: lime: sand mixes for mortars and renders.
  • Hydrated lime is not suitable for use in mortars without cement being present as it is non-hydraulic.
  • Whilst hydrated lime will add to these properties, full advantage is derived from the use of lime putty.
  • Hydrated lime can be used to make lime putty by gradually adding to water, in a clean container, while constantly stirring to form a paste.
  • The paste must then be stood for at least 24 hours to condition.
  • This product is suited for a wide range of applications including as part of plasters, renders and jointing mortars.

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