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Monument 2951Y Mopitup Plumbing Cloth - 3 Pack

Monument 2951Y Mopitup Plumbing Cloth - 3 Pack
Brand: Monument Tools
Product Code: MON2951Y
Barcode: 5015375029513
Price: £6.00
Only 5 In Stock

Monument 2951Y Mopitup Features

  • The versatile super absorbent sheet.
  • The quick, easy and effective way to clean up all water based spillages in the home or workplace.
  • Each sheet 370mm x 370mm.
  • Non toxic and safe.
  • Supplied as a pack of three.

Monument 2951Y Mopitup Ideal For

  • Plumbing emergencies and repairs.
  • Dripping radiators.
  • Radiator and pump removals.
  • Leaking pipes, toilets and basins.
  • Overflow leaks in roof tanks.
  • Leaking hot water tanks.
  • Fridge and freezer defrosting.
  • Large floor spillage.
  • Protection for carpets and floors.
  • No drips, no mess, no stains water is locked in and cannot be squeezed out, unlike a sponge

Monument Mopitup Instructions

  • Mopitup® will ONLY absorb water based fluids.
  • DO NOT to be used on oil or chemical based fluids.
  • DO NOT cut or pierce the Mopitup® before or after use as the gel or absorbed water will spill out.
  • DO NOT tread on the Mopitup® as it will be a slip hazard.
  • DO NOT eat or ingest the Mopitup®.
  • Can be used until it is full; beyond its capacity water will run out and it will then drip.
  • Warm water works faster, cold water slower but all water will be absorbed.
  • Mopitup® is designed for a slow steady trickle, not 2 litres tipped straight on it ,or water will splash off.
  • Very strong contaminated water with rust or heavy sewage and the take up will be slightly less; just use another one!
  • The Mopitup® can be placed ONTO spilt water by turning it so the plastic side is upper most and the net is towards the water spill.
  • The Mopitup® can be placed INTO water containers and will assist in sucking out the water i.e. draining cisterns, drains, holes.
  • The gel is non toxic and safe (but note that the contents are only safe NOT the additive contaminant).

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