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Zinsser BIN Paint Brush Cleaner and Restorer

Zinsser BIN Paint Brush Cleaner and Restorer
Brand: Zinsser
Product Code: ZIN7250001E1
Barcode: 5037898612508
In Stock
  • Size 500ml.
  • Removes Zinsser BIN and most other types of dried on paint with ease.
  • More effective than White Spirit.
  • Contains powerful detergents that break down paint for an ultra clean finish.
  • No overnight soaking required, simplly soak for 4 hours and periodically agitate to loosen dried on paint.
  • Once paint is removed, rinse thoughroughly under warm running water.
  • Shake off any water reidue and hand to dry.
  • The Zinsser BIN Cleaner may remove colour from the brisles.
  • This product is not suitable for use on 2 pack paints.

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