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Martindale IR88 Infrared Digital Thermometer -30°C to 550°C

Martindale IR88 Infrared Digital Thermometer -30°C to 550°C
Brand: Martindale Electric
Product Code: MARIR88
Barcode: 5036162185373
Price: £77.10
In Stock

Martindale IR88 Infrared Digital Thermometer Features

  • This pistol style infra red thermometer has a laser marker to ensure accurate spot measurement.
  • The display can show temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • A limit function allows you to set upper and lower temperature thresholds and a tone alerts if the limits are exceeded.
  • An optional auto power off feature can conserve battery life.
  • Field of View: 100mmØ at 1000mm (3.9"Ø at 39.0")
  • Spot size increases with distance from the probe tip as shown
  • Spot Diameter measured at 90 % Energy.

Martindale IR88 Infrared Digital Thermometer Specifications

  • Temperature Range: -30°C to 550°C / -22°F to 1022°F.
  • Display Resolution: 0.5/1°C (Auto), 1°F.
  • Accuracy: ±(2°C/4°F) for -30°C to 100°C, -22°F to 212°F ± (2% reading) for 101°C to 550°C, 213°F to 1022°F.
  • Temperature Coefficient: ±0.2% of reading or ±0.36°F/0.2°C, whichever is greater, change in accuracy per °F/°C change in ambient operating temperature above 82.4°F/28°C or below 64.4°F/18°C.
  • Response Time: 0.25 second.
  • Spectral Response: 6 to 14μm nominal.
  • Adjustable emissivity (e): 0.1 to 1.0.
  • Detection Element: Thermopile.
  • Optical Lens: Fresnel Lens.
  • Sighting: 1-beam laser marker <1mW (class 2).

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