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Lindstrom RX8149 Diagonal Tip Wire Cutters - Flush

Lindstrom RX8149 Diagonal Tip Wire Cutters - Flush
Brand: Lindstrom
Product Code: LINRX8149
Barcode: 7314150103126
Price: £112.20
Currently Out Of Stock

Lindstrom RX8149 Diagonal Tip Wire Cutters Features

  • Slim profile and long reach cutter designed specifically for use with closely spaced multi-lead components and for very difficult to reach or access applications.
  • Grain structure follows profile of the blank to maximize tool strength.
  • Computer controlled grinding guarantees edge angle accuracy and contact which increases tool reliability and consistency.
  • Precision induction hardening of 1% Carbon/Chrome Ball Bearing Grade Steel allows high Rockwell hardness without brittleness, resulting in a longer lasting tool.
  • Adjustable screw joint minimizes friction and maximizes alignment of cutting edges.
  • Tension is kept minimal and limited throughout the working cycle of the tool.
  • Handle width is controlled for ease of tool pick-up and handling.
  • Tension and opening width can be adjusted to suit your preference via three different ports.
  • Almost indestructible in normal use.
  • Lindstrom flush cutters leave an even narrower and shorter rise on cut leads then the Micro-Bevel in order to meet a tighter specification for the cut lead-end or to achieve a more flush result to a board, component or part.

Lindstrom RX8149 Diagonal Tip Wire Cutters Data

  • Total length 139.0mm.
  • Flush cutter.
  • Wire capacity 0.1mm - 0.6mm.
  • Weight 70gm.

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