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Leadax Lead Alternative

Leadax Lead Alternative
Leadax Lead Alternative Leadax Lead Alternative Leadax Lead Alternative
Brand: Cromar
Product Code: CROKLD450
Barcode: 8719558741694
In Stock

Leadax Lead Alternative Features

  • Length 6 metre.
  • Width 450mm / 18in.
  • Colour grey.
  • Leadax is patented and has been certified by the BBA.
  • Install Leadax in the same manner as you would lead.
  • Leadax can be used in any climate worldwide (-50 degree c / + 100 degee c).
  • Leadax can be installed from - 20 degree c (trimming, cutting, folding and beating) at lower temperatues (less than 5 degree c) the material is more difficult to process.
  • Long lengths of leadax can be installed without any problems.
  • The maximum length is the length of the roll and a minimum overlap for 60mm is sufficient.
  • Overlaps can be hot welded or sealed with Polyflex sealant.
  • The recommeded welding temperature is 350 - 450 degree c using a seam roller to press down the welded seam.
  • Use Polyflex for overlaps in masonry (100mm / 4in).
  • In places and areas which are frequently exposed to wind, lead can be secured using Polyflex.
  • When molded or used in facing materials, we recommend securing with Polyflex.
  • Insure that the base material is dry and clean.
  • Leadax can be fastened to joints using Leadax fixing clips.
  • Use seam rollers and lead beaters to mould the Leadax.
  • After application, remove the protective film for the face and reverse.

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