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Gorilla General Purpose Duct Adhesive Tape

Gorilla General Purpose Duct Adhesive Tape
Brand: Gorilla Glue
Product Code: GRGGT11
Barcode: 5704947000165
In Stock
  • Length 11 metres x 48mm wide.
  • Gorilla Tape is an ultra tough cloth tape.
  • Made from 3 layers a double thick adhesive layer, a strong reinforced backing and a tough all weather shell.
  • The double thick adhesive is a high quality adhesive that will allow the tape to stick to rough, porous and imperfect surfaces.
  • The thicker the adhesive the better the strength.
  • The strong reinforced backing has a high fibre count cloth backing that gives high strength, but can be ripped easily by hand.
  • The tough all weather shell gives a tighter barrier against moisture and higher UV qualities than other cloth tapes on the market today.
  • Gorilla Tape strikes a delicate balance between strength and usability, providing the maximum amount of sticking power without sacrificing ease of use.
  • Gorilla Tape is for contractors and DIYers, as well as sports enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers looking for a tough and portable tape to repair, patch or hold equipment while building and remodelling, landscaping, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, surfing or bicycling.
  • 3 strong ingredients have made Gorilla Tape successful to work with.
  • The combination of double thick adhesive, strong webbed backing and rugged all-weather shell make it one of the few all-purpose tapes to consistently stick to smooth surfaces.

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